Thursday, July 23, 2015

So, i really love my new job.
I applied at only ONE optical shop in Salt Lake City when i moved here. And i just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. And i got the job a few weeks later! So thankful. I work for some of the most genuine and wonderful people i've met so far, with some of the coolest, sweetest more helpful coworkers ever - who I now get to call friends also!
I really love being apart of the Image Eyes Optical team. I currently work at the Sugarhouse location, 2008 S 1100 E , and its so great.
i've already found a million pairs of glasses that i love.

I just got these Anne et Valentin sunglasses today:

figured i *needed* them for my spur of the moment trip to California! right? yes.
Brijan surprised me with a trip back to California to get my cat Anouk. He is really the sweetest most thoughtful guy ever. He is also so much fun and so handsome. I'm lucky.
I just wish he'd get home already so we could leave now! 

I really like my life in Utah. I just can't wait til i get more settled in and explore a bit more so I can start hanging out with my friends and taking photos at cool places. Soon. very soon.

I'm super addicted to this place called Taco Taco. I'm always obsessed with tacos really, but this particular place is just AMAZING. I can't wait to take my california friends that visit me to all my favorite places. 

Anyway. hi.
a list: 

need new rings
i can't wait to see my cat
i need new black sandals
cool nights
trips with my babe
bottled water
youtube videos

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Productive Saturday

Today I: Worked out before coming over to the house. Took a nap. Did laundry. Ate watermelon and the rest of the cereal. Watched season 2 of Tyrant. Hated Utah drivers. Decided I need more tshirts that aren't crop top & wished my boyfriend was walking through the door with a cheese pizza.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thunder raging ----

Had the most wild storm here in Salt Lake City. Pouring rain, lightning all across the sky - barely seconds apart, winds pushing the rain sideways... It was glorious! Driving home was wild; giant puddles seemed to be everywhere & then when I got home, apparently the sky decided to open up completely and I was trapped in my car for a good 15-20 mins because it was so rainy I was worried I'd loose my way to the front door. Finally jumped out, tired of waiting, and ran through puddles that had formed & within the few seconds it took me to get to the door, I was DRENECHED!!! Holy crap. Need more storms like that. Big time. Weather is the best. Still awake though, the energy of the storm must have infiltrated my internal clock. I'm gonna be tired tomorrow... 
But so happy it was wild weather.
Feeling happy. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Born Free

Spur of the moment, decided to join my friends Greg & Ady on their annual trip to California for Born Free, a giant motorcycle show. I had no idea what to expect, but I figured as long as I was with friends, it would be a welcome journey. We headed out that Thursday around 5, four bikes total, four people total in the van. 3 bikes and 3 drivers on the road behind us. 
Van occupants: Greg - driver, Ady - copilot, Dakota - 2nd copilot, Me - extra baggage. 
Road riders: Brijan, Nickolas Crosby, Jess. 
Pretty damn fun crew, from what I knew so far. 

We all made it finally, to St George and we stayed in Ady's parents house before heading all the way to California the next day. So thankful to them for letting us all crash there to get some rest before the long ride to the destination. We woke up at 5 am and I decided to get on the back of Brijans bike and drive with him to some random gas station before Vegas. It was GLORIOUS. Total dream...

Driving through the red desert in the early morning with the sun rising steady on our backs. The soft smooth colors in the sky, the warm pockets of air slamming our skin with breaks of cool gusts to cool us off briefly. The sage brush, the plateaus, the canyons. It was something out of a movie, a scene of a movie - the people cruising steady through the sands, clays & dirts of the seemingly endless desert. The rising heat of the unforgiving desert, determined to make it there in one day, wind blown and exhausted. Nothing quite like it. I kept imagining what was out in those "fields" of sagebrush. Jack rabbits, I kept thinking. Those are my favorite. And maybe some burrowing owls, settling back into their cool shaded homes for the day. 

My mind was going and going with thought. I was on the back of this fantastic bike, holding onto this guy I just met 4 days prior. Trusting him to get me to the destination alive and in at least one piece; I felt totally comfortable and safe. I was happy. 
However, minutes before the gas station where we were stopping to meet up with the van, I got heat exhaustion. Ops! So I was restricted to the van again, with lots of water. 

We finally made it to camp. We hung out. Rested. Brijan and I went and got pizza. He's the sweetest. Then, the next day: BORN FREE! We headed out, all on our bikes. The people watching was amazing, obviously. All the thousands of bikes, so much fun to look at their details. 
We spent the day wandering around, looking at booths, bikes, people and vans. Each nachos and tacos and drinking waters like crazy. It was so much fun. I loved it. Same thing Sunday - but on Sunday I got really too hot and didn't have as much as the day before. Bummerrrrrr. But still so much fun. I liked everything about the trip. Happy I went, happy about the people I was surrounded by.

finally happy.