Friday, December 30, 2011

the eve before the eve of the new year...

had a slumber party last night.
i havent stayed over at a friends house for easily over a year. 
it was wonderful fun. 

we cracked open a huge enormous bottle of champagne. *happy new year

watched some hilarious comedians on netflix.. 

talked about race, the odd trait/emotion of racism, cats, babies, eating habits, names, thong underwear (so 90's), blood type.... oh the things women talk about ! 
at one point during our talking, i said "i love when you can learn things when talking to certain people" 
its true! don't you LOVE when you can talk to certain people and you feel inspired & you feel like you are gaining knowledge and wisdom & taking in more than you thought you could in just a 'silly' conversation? 
i love being a woman. & i love having that connection with other women. we are such powerful & knowledgeable creatures. (some of us at least...) 

so next week, i am getting my hair dyed dark. no more blonde cassaundra. she is GONE! with this new year,you all will see a transformation. good things are going to be opening up for me. i have big plans and beautiful dreams that are going to come true. and no.... its not because im dying my hair dark... thats just a fun appearance change... i like to do that every new year. 

i have to fulfill my dreams day by day. i cant do long term... its too hard for my mind to plan that. i work better with spontaneity... 


new years

Sunday, December 25, 2011


seems more than appropriate
considering i got new luggage.... plaid luggage...
which is just so perfectly & appropriately London style.
so it means i should go off !

got new insoles for my shoes... check
amazing books to read on my way ... check
cute clothes & warmth... check.

its probably all in my head.
but i feel like i could totally fit in there.
i have burberry sunglasses... i love tea & crumpets.
i mean , what more do you need england?
plus i dont have to learn a new language.
seems like a pretty awesome place to be

albeit , i wont just be there. i'll be all over.
it'll just be like 'home base'
this is what i want to do.
and i am going to work toward it
this new year ... is FRESH
unattached .

all that stuff .

happy christmas everyone
ive got a fat cat on my lap
& some home made potato leek soup brewin

(even tho its been winter for only 5 days... im already over it)

lit up ice.... experiment.

Friday, December 23, 2011

an insincere and evil person is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil person will wound your mind.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

monsoon shake .

sometimes all you can do is laugh

really hard
and remind yourself
that even tho right now is super ridiculous
down the line.... it'll all pan out
and make sense

and that YOU (im speaking in the 3rd person)
will be so much more successful & fulfilled
than the people YOU are so disgusted with right now

and just remember
that everything you are working toward
and the things you are saving
and the things you are sacrificing
and the people you are surrounding yourself with
and the plentiful friends you keep close
and dear & sacred & special

& the laughter, good, happiness & encouragement
that i give to others around me
will one day ,
very soon
pay off
and i will be satisfied
and glowing
and gleaming & glistening
and maybe even BURSTING
with genuine happiness,
maybe.... just maybe

Monday, December 19, 2011

matt damon...

this .... cracks me up
matt damon is cool now.... hahaahah

Saturday, December 17, 2011

i just want to be somebody

someone who is known for good
someone who helps
and makes a difference

looked up to
i want to inspire
& encourage others

is that too much to dream for
and want ?

Thursday, December 15, 2011


i hate having dreams that seem real

do you think dreams are things that can actually happen?
because.... i'd sure like that.

if you see prince harry, tell him i say hi.

which reminds me. i think im going to go to europe.
paris & london. those cliche travel destinations.
i got nothin else to do.

i wish that were true
i got sooooo much to do.
but i really need to get away by myself.
is that safe? i dont care. i like to be alone

i wish i could catch a break .

i may not have all those materialistic bullshits
that you all waste your time and money on .
that consumes your lives
& makes you feel better (somehow)
and gives you some sorta purpose

but damn, have i got SOUL.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you make me wanna cry

you dont know how to ease my pain

you dont know what the sound is darlin.....

you dont know how to play the game.. you cheat you lie.
you make me wanna cry.

thats the sound of my love dyin.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

fanny pack find

sven design san francisco red leather fanny pack

im gonna bring the fanny pack back.
wait for it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

oh man

just decorated our big tree with what seems to be about a billion vintage ornaments. and even tho it looks super pretty, just the thought of putting all of this christmas decor away ........ OH MAN. i am hoping to donate half of the decor (not the ornaments) after this year. for real. i love christmas but gollllllllllllly its a lot of work.\

i am pooped.
this week was busy at work. and at home.
my mind is going a million miles an hour all the time. i dont have time to think about stupid things really. sometimes i wish i did. wish i could breath and stop for lunch.......""
its 10:41 already / ? it seems earlier. but im so tired. i guess i should go to sleep.

i dont like it when im missing people.
and when i cant see them. such a strange sort of unachievable longing.
i try to push it aside.

i totally scored at the thrift stores today.
i dont even know why i try shopping at actual shops. because the thrift stores pretty much suit me way better. and i look awesome. i'll have to start taking more photos of my self and my clothes. but wow that sounds like a lot of time and effort that i just dont seem to have .

sooooooooo a couple weeks ago i accidentally tore the life out of my Gstar jeans.... it was a terrible tragedy & i cried. i thought i couldnt get them fixed and so i was very discouraged. but , low & behold.... they have been repaired by the best seamstress in town. HOORAY! cassie wins one!

i should be keeping score of how many times i win.
today i won twice, that i can remember.

i got a cotton branch with real tufts of cotton on it.
its beautiful.
next time i get a boyfriend i hope he knows that i would much rather prefer dried branches of cotton or something odd & unique rather than run of the mill flowers from a grocery store. and i also hope he doesnt read this , because that would be cheating. i might have to delete this entire post if i ever start having time for guys again. which i dont see happening anytime soon. my mind cant be wasted upon some selfish, cruel, fake man again. i have to be more careful. which means i need to be more educated. so that will take some time because im not about to let it happen again. caution........ right?

i dont blog anymore.
i just dont know what to say
i feel like i am being boring and saying stuff no one wants to read about.

my snowboard is for sale,
ive never used it in my life
and i would love if someone bought it.
email me if you want info.

im tired.

Sunday, December 4, 2011