Friday, April 30, 2010

workshop images .....

here are some photos of myself done at the Jake Garn workshop back in March . photos taken by Aubrey. i really love these.... Hair was done by Steven Robertson, Make up was done by Paula Dahlberg & Wardrobe was done by Michelle Boucher. love them....


The humble banana almost seems like a miracle of nature. Colourful, nutritious, and much cherished by children, monkeys and clowns, it has a favoured position in the planet’s fruitbowls. The banana is vitally important in many regions of the tropics, where different parts of the plant are used for clothing, paper and tableware, and where the fruit itself is an essential dietary staple. People across the globe appreciate the soft, nourishing flesh, the snack-sized portions, and the easy-peel covering that conveniently changes colour to indicate ripeness. Individual fruit—or fingers—sit comfortably in the human hand, readily detached from their close-packed companions. Indeed, the banana appears almost purpose-designed for efficient human consumption and distribution. It is difficult to conceive of a more fortuitous fruit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


- a winning scratch card
- scribbles on the calendar
- anticipation of a trip
- a mushroom shaped candle.
- a new room
- a new place to call my own
- a camera bag
- books
- something in the mail
- mermaid memorabilia
- mugs
- some prints 4x6
- feathers , with color.
- some new stamps on my passport
- a different number
- some nail polish that i actually enjoy
- electric outlet covers
- a new lamp shade
- some apples with peanut butter
- my tail bone is out of place forever
- day dream mind
- answers
- something good to come my way
- Luck?
- something to look forward to
- a change in direction
- a reply from India would be NICE.
- wealth
- whatever
- some love , some real love
- frequent flier miles
- a ring
- IDEAS for a creation
- thai food
- loke reunion part 2
- macbook pro
- a serious bike
- some sunglasses that won't break or get lost
- anouk to stop swatting at me
- another kitten
- maybe a lizard or snake
- a bottle of wine
- san fran with meg
- japan with other meg
- an island by myself
- a boat
- a different candle by my bed
- some more pictures with my friends
- a different kinda life.
- an ice cream sandwich
- some new halloween socks
- a massage
- a zoom lens and a fish eye
- artwork
- summer sun
- soft blankets
- a new tyedye pillow case
- make some new curtains
- god damn it
- a new set of suitcases
- a hypnotist
- going to bed early
- i need to take more pictures
- national geographic dreamin
- a bed frame
- a HAMMOCK!!!
- a journal to write my stray thoughts in instead of using a facebook status
- oh brother
- Nice, France - angels
- some dentyne ice
- a board game
- a new bathing suit . hahaha for real tho
- bank account
- learn to carve wood
- learn to make pottery
- learn some more languages
- get rid of the bug on my wall

.......... wishin on a star.
& puttin some hard work in too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Someone who readily takes responsibility for every aspect of their life and knows that if something sucks they are the one that has to change it

Someone who doesn’t let themselves be the victim

Someone not interested in sympathy

Someone who will make time for me if I make time for them

Integrity, honesty, driven, talented, ambitious, confident, attractive, ethical, adventurous, spontaneous, influential, health conscious, independent, creative, articulate, good communicator

Someone who takes time to question things

Someone who is careful with absolutes and the idea of truth

Someone who agrees that there is no better time than now

Someone who is determined to be happy and does not settle for less

Someone who agrees that pharmaceuticals are not the way to happiness

Someone who doesn’t do any illegal drugs

Someone who can handle me being very direct, honest, straight forward – right to the point about nearly everything

Monday, April 19, 2010


i cant believe its supposed to rain until wednesday. what the heck?
luckily LA will be clear and warm ... cant wait for that trip seriously. this week is going to go by so slow i just know it.. painful ! tay & i are gonna laugh so much. we already discussed it.
mitch & i are going to have piña coladas on the beach. wish that was tomorrow... it is so needed. in bathing suits... hahahaha.

i hope i remember to take pictures on my trip tho. i ALWAYS forget. other people take photos but i always forget to use my camera. which is stupid. its a nikon d300s ... how could i forget to use something like that? im ridic.

here is me today. a picture i took for someone.... no make up because it was my day off. . never happening again because i have such pathetic eyelashes. maybe i should paint my wall the way it looks in this picture. it looks dank! ... all green and faded... i wonder why it even looks that way.

aaannnddd here is payton in the shirt i sent her
with the origami flower i sent her.. so cute.

& ... i've gotten back into wizarding :

then they came

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Pastor Martin Niemöller

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'll tell you why

but i don't know.
its simple and so complicated
i could walk all day on the railroad tracks
but there's much more to it ... than that.

here is my spring addition to my series of "the fence"
i posted the previous photos along side my blog ... (fall & winter)
now i'm just waiting for summer.
oh man i can't wait for summer. so much going on.

i can't wait to be in LA already. do i really have to wait another week? damn man.

my favorite time to drive is early early morning.
there are two beautiful instances i can recall exactly :

driving home from west shore lake tahoe from Martins cabin. driving on that windy road along side the lake before the sun was up over the east mountains listening to Mirah (you think its like this, but its really like this) "suck on my sweet tooth till i'm sore." it was freezing outside. but so clear. my subaru was hugging the road. i was still in my sweatpants . Martin had let me sleep in the master bed room by myself because i drove up for just one night. it was such a nice thing of him to do. I was secretly racing the sun home. i made it home just as the sun was hitting my driveway. i felt fresh that day. up at martins cabin over looking the lake:

my second time was driving home from my one day trip to Yosemite. i drove down to visit Lindsey and we stayed in one of her cabins. we had a fun time that day. swimming in icey water, skipping rocks, driving to see Half Dome, taking really cool photos that night. she came in to sleep in my room because she swore she heard a mouse in her bedroom. it was funny and i miss her. i woke up much much before the sun was awake. as i was heading out of the National park lines the sun was just touching the tops of the trees. i looked back and saw the beauty and the crisp fresh start of a day in that amazing place. long hot drive it was the whole way home. summer time mornings are still hot. i forget that. outside the cabin having fun with light tricks & exposure.

i love driving. i've driven my car so much. it has over 200,000 miles on it now. i've driven all over the place. and i'm still planning on going so much further. Northern lights... portland... seattle would be neat too .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

gotta love it when ..

when you can't even blog anymore because the haters come around.
oh boy.

its whatev.

on to more important things....
my feet are cold and i really need a vacation.
Portland? my fairy godmother lives there and i haven't seen her or my little cousin Noëlla since thanksgiving 2008./ too long ...


i'm a nice girl. with some nice dreams..

Friday, April 9, 2010

my chocolates are all gone

the easter bunny brought me Godiva gem chocolate truffles.. and they are all gone now. i hate it when i eat my goodies too fast..

Anyway, i've posted all of my things up on my etsy for purchase , please oh please pass the link on will you? i need to get rid of everything! if you don't like the price... let me know. help a girl out!
i'm re-doing my life.. starting fresh. i'm getting rid of everything really. except my books. and sentimental things. you know.

i'm sick and its annoying. because i work today and i'm going to the gym. and i just don't want to be sick... its just wasting my time.

last night i was cleaning out my phone - like deleting pictures i don't need and videos and people etc etc. and i came across some really good photos so i sent them to myself and to any people who were related to any of the photos for one last viewing before they were gone forever. here are a couple i found that i really enjoyed:

i took this a while ago.. anouk in the background all fluffy. so funny.

yosemite last year with lindsay ... we had such a fun little trip.

i hate it when i come across photos of my self where i look good . because i don't look as good anymore. ugh. i was tan-ish here.. dang.

haha this is so funny/ thats anouk on the post. my mom said it reminded her of snoopy as a vulture hahahaha ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OH my.

well . i've been having one hell of a time here.
its been miserable.