Friday, July 18, 2008

grilled cheese

its all i want. over
and over again.

is that too much to ask?


Ginger said...

Sounds do-able. Don't know how to spell that word. Is Sam really going to start blogging?

Ginger said...

Oh, looks like he has had it since January and no updates so probably not. Tell him he needs to.

Pres&Jes said...

i love grilled cheese, nope not a problem at all. you should go on a date with me to johanna's kitchen, thats what i order there, dip in cholula. but my favorite is stealin tons of del taco mild sauce and makin one in the george forman grill.
oh ps
snowbird has very good grilled cheese.
now im craving one, and i cant have one im at work,

Ginger said...

Pres and Jes is right. Snowbird does have an excellent grilled cheese sandwich. You are so funny. I can't imagine Sam getting huffy.