Friday, August 1, 2008


so here i am, in california again.
its been weird so far... it feels like i never left, except all my stuff is gone.
i'm in Huntington Beach right now. me tiffany & jackie are at the house resting before going to taylers birthday party at the Grove [link] @ 6:30. it should be fun. today we woke around 10:30, showered, ate & walked down to mainstreet. then to the beach for the farmers market. i got kenzie 3 rings & i bought myself 2 rings.

we are going to lay at the beach all day tomorrow. it'll be so great. & sunday we are going to Venice beach & getting henna with tayler & clay. i'm tired.

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Kelsey Leigh said...

cassie how long are you in CA for? we still gotta shoot haha :)