Wednesday, December 1, 2010

this N that

2010 has gone by really fast.
time flies when youre having fun.
or when youre not looking
or paying attention
or too busy with a scrambled life.
i guess it just really passes by no matter what you happen to be doing

did i get a lot accomplished during 2010? well i guess so.
i got my Bachelors in Alternative Systems of Medicine.
i'm studying herbs now.
I moved to Utah to be with my new family.
I got by .
I've been happy.
I've grown - not literally . but mentally.
I've learned how to do a lot of things
and how to be a lot of things

i've done a whole lot.
i plan to do more next year. lets hope i have the time & the energy tho.

normally people write this before or after new years
but my year comes to an end when winter begins
because i dont like winter. i only like spring and summer.

but this winter i want to snow shoe & snow mobile.
maybe i will try skiing. this girl i work with - meg - ski's and she seems really cool so maybe she'll help me out with it and she also said i could buy one of her jackets. since i dont have one. and shes my size. and i dont need anything brand new . reUSE. & recycle. we'll see if i can "make the most of it" like Mitch said. but dang. winter sucks. sorry. ha


miranda said...

winter is the best. you & i are opposites when it comes to weather.

Anonymous said...

U wanna ski? Not snowboard?

Anonymous said...

Cassie, lets go skiing! I'll show you how And also you can have my old ski coat and pants.and what size shoe do you wear? Cause my feet grew when I was pregnant so I have size 7 tele-ski boats if you want them! You really can't live in this state and not take advantage of winter here!

nothing to write home about said...

why do you have one hundred "megs".... it makes me sad...