Friday, July 29, 2011

ill tell you something filled with bliss

driving thru the orchards with the windows down music loud
fast - but not too fast. smelling the freshly watered apple trees
the earthy renewal phase that the world goes thru each night - that smell is phenomenal
that cool air , thats not too cold to give you goose bumps and want the heater on
the air thats not too hot that makes you want the windows up & a/c on
its dark and the only light is from your headlights, an occasional house light, & the stars
cant take enough deep breaths of that sweet air ....
that music, that breeze, that smell, that temp , that FEEL ...
makes me want to close my eyes and float away

but wait... i'm driving.

when i finally get out - i look up. only to see the most spectacular view : a shooting star in that speckled crowded sky of ours, what are the chances? that sky... filled with stars, galaxies, planets, planes ... & anything else. breathe in one more deep breath of that sweet air. that smell , you know which one im talking about? its like the earth turns everything over & cleans it off so it can be fresh during the night.. calm & cool.

thats a tiny piece of bliss. teeny tiny.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. Where are the crickets?