Wednesday, August 3, 2011

things i want to do in this life :

* skydiving - doing it on the 13th this month!
* swim with sharks .. maybe thats a long shot.
* scuba!
* ride a mule down the grand canyon
* hot air balloon ride ... again. i went in june & it was glorious
* cut my hair really short.. or shave it.
* own a chinchilla
* make my own set of dishes/mugs -- pottery
* learn french AND spanish
* fall in a deep love.
* go sailing
* see a rainforest
* avoid being bitten by a botfly... ew
* go fishing in the ocean... catch my own food
* write something... a book.. like that
* go to disneyWORLD.
* ride an elephant !!!!


barbaralouann said...

I want a chinchilla too!

Don't Be A Hero said...

I've actually ridden an elephant :D

This is Bridget by the way haha

beautifulurself said...

shave your head! youd look beautifully brutal! no one would fuck with you <3

oh and weirdly enough, my verification word is maybe dont have your head and go with the bangs =P