Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bottega Veneta

i got a vintage authentic Bottega Veneta purse at the thrift store today. for real. i couldn't make that up.

i also went shopping yesterday and got many clothing items. needless to say, i'll be whats "happenin" this winter.

new stuff posted on my ETSY , check it out. hey, its never too early to start getting gifts for christmas. eh eh. cinnamonnymph @ ETSY

love havin friends, makin friends. being REAL. i wish all my friends and people i liked lived in california near me. why are you all staying in utah..... get out ! come here to paradise and play with me. its fun i promise. i'll show you the magic and the happiness.

i wish i could have another kitten.
i wish Roux would come home. i miss her.
i guess in order to fill my void of lack of cat, i will just purchase clothing with cats on it. and other items cat-like. you can judge me all you want. but i am faithful to all things cat.

i got my tragus pierced. i love it. it looks awesome. i might want to get my other side done once this one is all healed. i'll only pierce my ears. nothing else.

im really not happy about summer being gone. if i could live in a bikini forever, i would be satisfied. i hate wearing clothes. but i mean .. now that i got really radical new ones i guess i'll feel better. but still. i need a new pair of gstar jeans. ive only got 2 pairs of gstars and 1 pair of freepeople. thats.... not enough jeans at all. FAIL. what is a girl to do. being picky is tough.

:::this is all i want to do for halloween:::


Molly said...

yay for new clothes and ear piercings! How badly did it hurt? I've been thinking about getting that done but can't decide if I want to handle that pain!!

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