Tuesday, October 11, 2011

list for october

* hawaii vacation
* dreams & life in suuuch weird ways
* i need more time
* no food sounds good
* except SOUP
* i miss my utah friends
* i dont like the rain.
* i want more sun
* got the cutest pair of free people pants
* & im regretting not getting the cashmere marc jacobs pullover
* i need new boots/shoes.
* such hard things to find tho
* i want my subaru to be fixed
* lets send good vibes my way for my subaru ....
* pumpkin
* cinnamon vanilla
* i forgot to borrow bridesmaids from jackie
* thinking of getting burberry sunglasses..
* i have a pile of things that need sewing
* but no time & energy to do it
* i want a masquerade mask for halloween
* and a purple or white wig . short hair.
* Sinatra
* mY ETSY! ::
* windchimes
* hot. soy. vanilla. chai. with foam = best thing ever.
* my coworkers
* wish i could sing
* i really miss the summer

1 comment:

Molly said...

I really like that shirt. It kind of reminds me of the pillows that Ikea sells (white w/ colored stiched flowers). & I like those pillows.

Happy October!