Sunday, November 20, 2011


havent had time , or much to say, to write a blog...
so i guess i'll give it a whirl tonight.

been sick for a whole week now... still goin.
& i got my new Coach glasses.
i made a Page for my ETSY on Facebook.
here:: FACEBOOK PAGE --- please 'like' it! i'd appreciate it.
it will be a nice way to show off my work in a place where more people are , and then direct them to my etsy for any purchases they might want to make.
(support local!)

posted up some new cool things. i'll be posting more next weekend.

i did a 5 strand braid in my hair today
its really cool i like it a lot

i do NOT like the cold,
but this is nothing new
i'd rather be warm warm warm warm
in the heat of the sun
with out tons of layers on me.
the cold is just uncomfortable, sicky, ugly & bitter.
there isn't really anything i like about it.
except for christmas, i prefer snow to be on the ground & falling from the sky
because i feel like it totally fulfills the christmas idea in my head.

i want to move everywhere
i want to move to Hawaii
& England
& France
& New York
& Florida
San Diego might be a good idea
Humboldt has the best school for what i want .. but ew its too cold & rainy.
its so hard to narrow it down.
i need to figure it out

i painted my nails a clear color with sparkles in it. it makes me feel so pretty
i love being girly.
next week is THANKSGIVING
& it would be grand.
the friday after that - GIRLS NIGHT. wine & cheese party
at my house
games, giggling, fun, jokes & WINE .
my friends & my moms friend. UNITE! to make a hilarious combination of warmth.
can't wait.

i feel so boring..............
i' will try to write something cooler next time

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