Wednesday, November 9, 2011

preeeeeetty sure i might abandon my blog.
its boring and no one blogs anymore .
whatevaaaa .

had delicious cheese & wine . bread & real butter tonight.
with my dad & 2 aunts. spoke french the whole time.
it felt good .

just got my brand new burberry sunglasses today !
and i just send them off to get polarized & blacked out too the maxxxxxx.
so excited to get them
sooooooooo that means i'll be selling my NIKON sunglasses . they are so good tho.
amazing glass , so clear and incredible. and the best look. i'll post them up this weekend .
they are vintage and rare . very hard to find & they dont make them anymore. get 'em when i post them .

i painted my nails
DIVE BAR by essie.
they are so good.

cant wait for thanksgiving
i get the whole week off
and im gonna be with my friends and do some much needed relaxing and hanging out with my girls. because i need it.

tryin to give myself a mental makeover .
tryin to do the right thing in all avenues of life
kinda hard when there will always be persistent constant people who suck.
and stress . and obstacles.
but i guess thats what im trying to overcome.
all that crap.
it'll take me a bit.
but i am tryin. i need some help.

i love soup so much
its all i ever want. no matter what .
even if its hot outside. i want soup.


lindsay said...

don't stop! i read!

Molly said...

me tooo!
& I have been on such a soup kick... Amy's soup (cans) are sooo good.