Saturday, March 3, 2012


i am a huge aroma therapy junky.
anything that smells delightful puts me at instant ease.

my favorite candles that i burn at random are these:
.christmas cookie
.hot buttered rum
.moroccan spice
& magnolia

i have great perfumes:
.very irresistible by givenchy
.mini pink by ulric de varens
.fuel for life by diesel
& princess by vera wang

some that i really want:
.hypnotic poison by dior
.wild fig by henri bendel

my favorite scented foods, oh now that is hard..
.fresh home baked bread
.chocolate chip cookies
.thanksgiving dinner/christmas dinner duh)

other random smells:
.water from the hose
.gasoline (uhh..)
.unscented lotion ... it actually smells great
.roses, cliche but true.
."mystic india"
.mountain misery
.lavender soap
.the inside spines of old books
.eucalyptus forests

i love scent !!!! i am such a sucker for good aromas. mmmmmmmmmmm

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