Monday, February 27, 2012


my etsy :

sold items to ....

5 different countries
21 different states
81 different cities
lots and lots of amazing , people that i am so so grateful toward !

with out all my beautiful, supportive (& not to mention tasteful, obviously) customers
i wouldn't be able to continue doing what i LOVE !
i know i've been so slacking and falling behind on updating my shop
but i promise i'll get better at giving you all what you want. (which lately, seems to be rainbow items... i dig your styles... i love rainbows too)

i'm pretty proud of myself
i've been open since 2008
but but i've only been heavily listing/selling since 2010
i was very inactive from 2008-2010
so im very pleased with my work and so thankful toward those who have helped me
(thanks to Cal Collins who made my most recent banner)

just so satisfied right now.

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