Saturday, January 18, 2014

drink? smoke? what?

I've said this a few times today, oddly: "Quantum Physics at its finest" ---
I honestly love quantum physics. It's an intense thing I have somehow managed to learn and understand. Its an absolutely beautiful concept and actuality. I don't know if i make sense or am being grammatically correct. I don't actually care. 

Today my fantastic brilliant friend Adrianna randomly started to talk to me about how she is lucky and fortunate enough to not have been addicted to anything in her life. and how she understands how it's "fucking scary", "helpless", and "i can't even imagine" ... I am right there with her, I agree with what she said. but, oddly enough after having this conversation with her, I had a completely separate discussion with my old friend Jackie about our old (young) drinking days. Maybe its embarrassing for my parents that I was a slight problem child, I lived life defying what was expected and always tested what I could get away with - but its part of my life story, so what can I say. It happened. 

We always pushed the limit and played with fire. We constantly tested what we could do and experience. It was hilarious, intense and a gamble. We had each other and we took hundreds of photos. That's off track of where I was going with this.  Jackie and I started to talk about how LUCKY we were to have started to mess around with alcohol at an early age. A lot of people think that if you mess around with substance early that you're doomed. which may or may not be true. If you use me as an example, its not the shiniest one you can find, but over all....... we came to the conclusion that it's BETTER. because you get all the mayhem and bullshit out of your system. you get the sneaky, shifty, embarrassing habits and tendencies taken care of. People don't hold you accountable for your actions as much as they do when you are older.

You might make a few mistakes and over do it in your adult years, but whatever. At least you aren't cutting lose and getting completely stupid while you are an actual functional adult in society.
We figured that we have our wits, charm and sensibilities all because we did our stupid things, while we were stupid kids. and now we have a handle on ourselves. We have never been addicted in our lives to anything. Maybe its just luck that we were never addicted to anything, who knows. But I feel pretty glad that I was wild and crazy in my younger years rather than being a mess in my adult years. We can look back and laugh at our hilarious stories over a glass of wine.

Its something to think about.
who knows....

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