Saturday, January 4, 2014

i want bbq albacore. 
but i don't want to spend my dollars. 
this is the dilemma i face in my day to day life. 
i suppose i should be a bit happy, that the only thing i worry about is how i should spend my money.
but thats not how the human mind works.

i was thinking of selling my kayak. but then realized that it would be stupid to do that. because if i want to go out on a lake, i will need that. plus, its my own boat. i have my very own kayak that i get to float around in. if only there was enough water in any of the lakes to go drift on. but, there is not. the lack of storm and over all weather has been depressing. 
normally its lack of sun that gets people depressed. this lack of rain, wind, snow, cold and fog has been slowly killing me, i swear it. it has been out of balance and wrong. my rain dances have gone unnoticed by mother nature and i keep doing them in vain. 

a nice handsome boy told me he would dance with me, maybe thats what needs to happen. i have to go dance with him. lord knows i need a good dance with a fella. that would be awfully fun.

well, i decided to spend my dollars and get sushi. 
so there. 

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