Wednesday, March 5, 2014

storm warning

Watching massive lightening bolts spark across the sky, waiting for the thunder to rumble through the night. The rain cascades down in sheets. Overflowing the ground. The lightening is so bright I squint, the thunder so deep it rolls into the Earth. I wish I could get photos of this storm. It's completely dangerous & something I'd rather describe with words than share with images.

I can't sleep with this type of energy swirling madly above me. It seems like it's searching for something. Searching for someone to charge. Someone like me who needs charging, who needs a jolt. If I could absorb the energy of the storm, the intensity of it's being, I would be tremendous. I could learn many things from big storms. We all could. 

Be as spectacular as you can. Pay no mind to criticism. Be loud. Excite others. Ignite moods & emotions. Don't be afraid to be what you are. Might as well go for it. 

Don't be common. Be rare. 

Don't stop suddenly. - always fade, leave glimmers and traces. Leave them wanting more. Anxious for the next round. Fond & vivid memories. Share your energy.

I have very much needed this storm moment... 

1 comment:

Jared Stanley Pierce said...

I love the way you write. So much life and color within your words. I hope you're well.