Thursday, March 27, 2014

rain weather

so happy its been raining. 
yesterday i wasn't happy about it - only because i wasn't prepared for it at all. my clothes were soaking because i didn't have the right jacket on, i was wearing my leather jacket so i was mad that it was getting wet. then i had the wrong shoes on and no extra socks. it was annoying... and then my wallet was open and i didn't know it so all my papers came out onto the wet driveway... and my umbrella i got in Nice, France 7 years ago broke. UGH! what a weird mess. 

but today was better. wore a big raincoat, my turtle rain boots, a new beanie by PolerStuff, & jumped in puddles with Lucy :

and by this time next week - i'll be in Oregon, overwhelmed with awesome things and an amazing experience. seeing new sights, breathing in new air and feeling like one lucky girl.

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