Saturday, April 12, 2014


Where the heck do I even start?
I suppose, from the beginning. 

Months ago I got an email asking if I wanted to go to Oregon. I thought it was a joke. Who ME? No one asks ME to go somewhere or do things. I don't have a million followers on Instagram... I'm not someone in the spotlight... my mind didn't know what to think. But I jumped on the opportunity. Who the heck wonders about HOW when its already been established?! So it begins... my journey toward Oregon. 
The Wallowas. 

Travel Oregon - they picked me to go to the Wallowas. I hadn't even heard of this place. I googled it, and saw the images and was astounded. They wanted me to go to this magnificent place? They wanted to send me there and adorn me with Oregons best? Sold. Out of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, they wanted to send me to the place that makes the most sense to me? That's called fate.

I began my adventure to Oregon. 
I woke up that day, April 1st. I was waiting for the "april fools sucker!" call or something. But it never came, so I ran to the airport & boarded first class onto Alaska Airlines and hopped on over to Joseph, Oregon.

Wait, it wasn't a hop. Let me be real here, it was a grand drive into the little town of Joseph - cozily nestled at the base of the Wallowas. I drove down Rattlesnake canyon, in my cute little Ford Escape. I zipped around corners and my eyes could barely keep up with the scenes. 
I stopped at Chief Joseph Canyon viewpoint  -

Saw the area where the Nez Perce spent their winters - at the bottom of a canyon by the river. It was pretty exciting to me, knowing this was an area where a group of people lived and survived - for thousands of years. Seeing it then, was mixed. They aren't there anymore. They were not down by that river, surviving the winter. I was sure to take a few photos while I had some moments to myself with the cold wind blowing & birds drifting on the wind above me. Wondering if the quiet moments like the one I was having, was something they experienced often during the winters there. 

I continued on toward Joseph.

I saw elk along the way. Some buffalo. I rolled into town just as the sun was fading into the west, I saw the cute town just before dark. I made it to my new bed for the night: The Bronze Antler. It's an incredible B&B with a view of the Wallowas. I was floored when I saw my room. I stayed in the Mirror Lake room. I felt like I had been living under a rock my entire life, the room was decked out with the best of the best. The bathtub. Oh me oh my. It was sensational. I speak highly of this place and I seriously recommend it to EVERYONE. GET THIS ROOM! Spoil yourself. No joke, its absolutely worth it. I could have spent my entire trip in that room. YUM.
There was a big ol' duffle bag waiting for me in the room as well. FOR MEEEE?!?! I opened it. Yeah, I jumped up and down and spun around in circles and muffled my own shrieks of joy. I ripped it all out and quickly scanned over it all. I didn't know what to touch first. So I grabbed the box. OH YEAH, the box of brand new Danner boots in my size, BRB OMG. I threw them on because I had to go get some dinner before places closed for the night. So comfy. Warm, cozy, squishy, badass. I looked at myself in the mirror and was like "yes". 
I waited to twirl around holding the other items in the bag until after I got back from dinner.

I went down to get some sustenance at Embers Brew House. Got some pizza & a local brew from Barley Browns Brewery, I think it was a Vanilla stout. T'was amazing. I could have cried when I took the first bite of my pizza. Like, food this good after seeing the most lavish room just for me? Someone pinch me. NO DON'T. 
Afterwards, I decided to go to the Stubborn Mule - my hosts at the Bronze Antler told me I should check it out, its a local pub they said. So I did, got another local brew. Sat on my own and watched the locals play pool & talk. I could tell I was an obvious outsider - even with out them looking at me like "a blonde girl in a leather jacket... what is this?" but I sat and sipped. Then a girl came over and sat right down across from me. Abbie! I made a new friend within minutes! Who knew? Clearly this girl was intimidated by me, which was great. Because from what people tell me, I am intimidating. *I do not agree with this, but what do I know I'm not sitting across from me* She was super nice, and knew I wasn't from the area. She asked about me, I asked about her. Soon her friends trickled over. A few guys in tight wrangler jeans and plaid button ups. Well hello there. It was fun being involved in their conversations. I am so glad I met them.

I went back to the Bronze Antler, I flipped on the water and let it fill up with warm inviting water. I am not much of a bath person - but how exactly are you gonna refuse to use a giant amazing bathtub that has lights that change color and jets & all that? Thats right, you can't refuse. I almost fell asleep in that tub. I slowly dragged myself out & over to my enormous bed. PLOP - SEE YA! 

I woke up and got my things together. & then cautiously entered the shower. It could have been a time machine for all I knew! But alas, it was not. Thank god. Because that shower was fantastic. Water came from all over the place you guys! I was giggling and getting all ridiculous turning the knobs over and over again. Oh and listening to the radio inside the shower & trying to decide which color light I liked best. Yeah, I KNOW. I finally made it out & pulled it together in time to meet my new friend Joe for breakfast upstairs. Heather (the owner of Bronze Antler) made us delicious food and woowwww she's good.

But hey, that means its a new day. You only get one day per blog post! See ya later for the next one ;) It gets better, trust me... 


moonshinejunkyard said...

Ok I am loving this story so far! Your journey sounds bewitching.

mattbeatty said...

this whole trip seems like wonderland. ridiculous how it came about, and where you got to go. we LOVE eastern Oregon. we have family in Baker City (and in Bend), and we visit every Labor Day weekend. so many of your places resonate with me. can't wait to hear more of it...

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