Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thunder raging ----

Had the most wild storm here in Salt Lake City. Pouring rain, lightning all across the sky - barely seconds apart, winds pushing the rain sideways... It was glorious! Driving home was wild; giant puddles seemed to be everywhere & then when I got home, apparently the sky decided to open up completely and I was trapped in my car for a good 15-20 mins because it was so rainy I was worried I'd loose my way to the front door. Finally jumped out, tired of waiting, and ran through puddles that had formed & within the few seconds it took me to get to the door, I was DRENECHED!!! Holy crap. Need more storms like that. Big time. Weather is the best. Still awake though, the energy of the storm must have infiltrated my internal clock. I'm gonna be tired tomorrow... 
But so happy it was wild weather.
Feeling happy. 

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