Thursday, July 23, 2015

So, i really love my new job.
I applied at only ONE optical shop in Salt Lake City when i moved here. And i just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. And i got the job a few weeks later! So thankful. I work for some of the most genuine and wonderful people i've met so far, with some of the coolest, sweetest more helpful coworkers ever - who I now get to call friends also!
I really love being apart of the Image Eyes Optical team. I currently work at the Sugarhouse location, 2008 S 1100 E , and its so great.
i've already found a million pairs of glasses that i love.

I just got these Anne et Valentin sunglasses today:

figured i *needed* them for my spur of the moment trip to California! right? yes.
Brijan surprised me with a trip back to California to get my cat Anouk. He is really the sweetest most thoughtful guy ever. He is also so much fun and so handsome. I'm lucky.
I just wish he'd get home already so we could leave now! 

I really like my life in Utah. I just can't wait til i get more settled in and explore a bit more so I can start hanging out with my friends and taking photos at cool places. Soon. very soon.

I'm super addicted to this place called Taco Taco. I'm always obsessed with tacos really, but this particular place is just AMAZING. I can't wait to take my california friends that visit me to all my favorite places. 

Anyway. hi.
a list: 

need new rings
i can't wait to see my cat
i need new black sandals
cool nights
trips with my babe
bottled water
youtube videos

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