Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ops. i forgot i had a blog

Yeah... i forgot to keep updated.

So, whats new...
Well, my new job is amazing. I absolutely adore my bosses and all my coworkers. They are all so amazing in different ways. I admire them all so much already. I look forward to going to work everyday! Who knew such a thing existed? I love working with glasses and eyes. It really makes me happy to learn everyday, as well as apply my existing knowledge. I'm really happy with my job at Image Eyes Optical. It's AWESOME.

Also, I moved in with Brian. Its so natural and great. I like him so much. He's so much fun. Plus so crazy handsome it's not fair. I'm the luckiest. We are still learning about each other, but we both are so flexible and understanding that everything is working out so great. I'm so thankful I found him. I had no intention of this sort of thing happening when I moved to Utah... but look at me now... Such a trip. But I always tell my friends, when they ask me for advice, not to hesitate. If you hesitate, it won't last. Just go for it. You live this life as the person you are, ONE TIME. So why waste it with what ifs and could haves... I won't be that way anymore. I'm gonna do what I want, and be who I want. Its been amazing so far. I needed to be out of my comfort zone in order for me to realize so much...
So my advice to anyone who feels stuck and stagnant: CHANGE IT ALL UP. Don't be afraid. I mean damn, one life, just enjoy it. Go for a ride. Have some fuckin FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!!!

Down side to my advice: (or maybe down side to living in a city with everything in close proximity)
WEIGHT GAIN. EW i hate it. I've totally gained some weight. I gotta get super hot again. I mean I'm not disgusting by any means, but I'm not comfortable with myself, I can totally tell a difference. Whatever, I'll make it work.

I love living in Utah. it's so fun here. So new... I can't wait for my friends to come visit me. I also can't wait to visit home again soon.

anyway, heres me riding a horse through a rider in Wyoming... oh my god. so incredible still.

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