Monday, January 26, 2009

lots of posts

(my very sad room it isn't put together at all. give it time)

so i have a lot of down time lately. not sure why.. my classes said i should get hours of homework per week but i seem to be breezing through it all with no problems. hm. neat. so because of my down time i post a daily blog. i used to go a couple days with out saying anything but now i just post whatever. i got my skin for my ipod today. it looks BRILLIANT! very happy about it. now i am just waiting for my gameboy & cell phone skin. as well as my sisters skin for her ipod & for her phone. lots of skins. all for free. heh yay. i talked to sandy on the phone today. i really like her. she made me a towel with my name on it. i can't wait to see what it will look like. she made me feel really nice, everyone in that family has. its sunny outside yet its hailing/raining. california is so weird, it always does this sorta thing.


Pres8Jes said...

hi anouk you are so pretty.
love your lovely town cas, its so much prettier than here, you know it.

Tayler said...

france has the best pastries

chanelle said...

i love that ipod skin! but i didn't even know la femme parallel was thievery corporation until i looked it up. i'm not surprised though, especially since i found it from your playlist, haha. a vacation sounds nice. can't wait to go to europe. i hope one day i'll just be able to surprise you up there and meet anouk.

cult classic said...

omg that skin is sick!
i vote you fanagle a way for my phone to get one bc my phine has aesop bites allll over it.
im already behind on my homwork bc i have to work like every day. barf!

Ginger said...

I love that last picture of anouk.

stephanie said...

You look the same to me, then again you lived here, i suppose you might look different to californians. haha
anouk is so pretty me and natalie agreed