Sunday, January 25, 2009

creme brulee

- making creme brulee and torching the tops to crack them afterward. then eating all of it to myself.

- picking out one by one, the pieces of food that doesn't make anouk throw up. (i am a very dedicated mother) purina is crap, i do not recommend it.

- watching Dexter continuously and almost religiously. it keeps me up at night, i do it on purpose so that i can fall asleep quick with out thoughts of my life to enter my dreams. it works out.

- no one talks to me much, via computer or in real life. i've drifted.

- secretly hoping in the back of my mind that something great will happen to me. except i know from experience that bad things happen all at once so that you don't have to deal with it all the time. so i'm just waiting around for some other bad thing to happen. unless what already happened wasn't bad?

- planning my trip to somewhere. europe i've decided. it can save me money, i can stay with relatives. i've got to brush up on my french. thats what i'm saving up for now. kinda nice to know i can leave far away with out missing anything but my cat.

well its time to go torch my brulee & watch dexter. what a bad habit. audra is mad at me. i wish someone liked me. no one does these days.


cult classic said...

i vote we go thrifting sometime next week down in sac and go to the fabric store. see you tommarow hopfully!

cult classic said...

ya it only a matter of time before i swich to my backpack. my teachers said we would need to bring them to class. barf.

chanelle said...

i hope that if you're in europe when i am, i'll be able to see you even if only for a second. i wish we could've seen each other that time in disneyland! that would've been amazing. one day soon!

Pres8Jes said...

ive been watching all seasons of weeds.
its a good mind occupation, for real.
christine has all the dexter's too, so maybe i'll adopt that hobby next.
im so fuuullllll.