Sunday, January 25, 2009

pg 47

mere chance/? or serious universal message?
i just was skimming through my typical favorites on the web, no big deal. wrong, here is what i came across:

"Hmmm…this email from my friend Trent says if I grab the book nearest to me, turn to page 47, it’ll tell me my fortune. Huh. Sounds fun, I guess. But I’m sitting right next to my bookcase, so they’re all equally near to me."

so i think to myself, whatever i'll grab the nearest book. i turn to pg 47. no joke. because pg 46 is blank. here is what the page said. and believe you me, i am seriously feeling slapped. i like it.

Chapter Five

"i see my patterns, and i choose to make changes"

Decide to Change.
Throwing up our hands in horror at what we may call the mess of our lives and just giving up are the ways many people react at this point. Others get angry at themselves or at life and also give up.

By giving up, I mean deciding, "It's all hopeless and impossible to make changes, so why try." The rest of it goes, "Just stay the way you are. At least you know how to handle the pain. You don't like it, but it's familiar and you hope it won't get any worse."
To me, habitual anger is like sitting in a corner with a dunce hat on. Does this sound familiar? Something happens and you get angry. Something else happens and you get angry again. Something else happens, and once again you get angry. But you never go beyond getting angery.
What good does that do? It's a foolish reaction to waste your time only getting angry. It's also a refusal to see life in a new and different way.
It would be much more helpful to ask yourself how you are creating so many situations to get angry at.

oh my gosh. haven't i been talking an awful lot about my anger? if i haven't here on my blog i have been else where. but man oh man. this is weird. and i like it.


cult classic said...

def into that. i see my patterns and choose to make changes.

Pres8Jes said...

wow crazy-cool cas.
mind i ask, what is that book, im interested in it now.
oh ok, my tv just turned on by itself, im gonna come see you soonk.?