Sunday, June 14, 2009

hartman lines

hartman lines are earths energy grids. hartman lines are naturally occurring charged lines that run north south and east west. these lines are positively charged or negatively charged, so where the lines intersect there can be double positive or double negative or one negative and one positive charge. the intersections seem to be the source of problems. the lines are like invisible walls that come vertical from the ground, radioactive walls. each is 9 inches wide (21 centimeters). the grid is magnetically oriented. north to south lines are found 6 inches 6 feet apart (2 meters) apart. east to west lines are 8 feet apart (2.5 meters). between the lines is a neutral zone. the network of lines penetrates thru everything and everywhere. in areas with electromagnetic pollution the lines get distorted and move closer to each other. hartman lines become bigger and spread further right before an earthquake - this is thought to warn animals so they can run away in time.

the lines have been related to yin and yang - north/south (yin) being cold energy, acting slowly corresponding to winter and is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism. while east/west (yang) is hot & dry rapidly reacting energy that is related to fire and inflammations.

since the lines are magnetically charged one item used to divert the lines is copper. if you find you are sleeping in a hartman line or even worse, in a hartman line intersection you can place a copper penny or pipe under your bed to divert it. i bet you're all wondering how to even FIND a hartman line... well i'm about to tell you.
i'm sure all of you have one of those metal hangers around the house right? well that's your tool. its called a dowsing rod hold the hanger in your hand like so:

don't grip it so it can't move, but don't hold it so loose it slips thru your hands. just hold it enough so that it can swing back and fourth lightly. don't swing the hanger tho. start walking in a room and you'll notice that the hanger might start to move to the left or right after you cross over a certain spot. if it turns completely to the right or left (doesn't matter which way) take a step back and see if it moves again. if the hanger keeps turning when you go over that spot you've found a hartman line. don't forget the lines go north/south & east/west so walk in a couple of different areas to find them.
a visual example of finding hartmans lines would be placing a plant on a hartman line that you've found and then placing a different plant in a neutral zone. (both healthy). you might start to notice that the plant on the hartman line doesn't live so well and struggles. if you have problems sleeping at night it could be because your bed is in an intersection or in a line. check it out to make sure. and like i said ... copper can divert it, it can just go around the copper and reconnect so you aren't disrupting anything badly.

so you all should have a dowsing rod.. and let me tell you that dowsing rods come in handy for much more than finding hartman lines. to make real dowsing rods they have to be 18 inches long and the last 5 inches curved into an L shape. pendulums also work (like mine - i'll explain that in a minute). once you have your dowsing rod hold the 5 inch part - this is the handle - and hold the two rods in each hand out in front of you and repeat your intention . ex: i want to find a rose. the rods will normally move outward from each other then inward this indicates the location of what you're seeking - sometimes the rods will point directly to what you are looking for.

okay so about the pendulum . you can buy pendulums or you can simply make one of your own. making them is really easy. i used a necklace. i just unhooked it and added a charm (a turtle in my case) to the end of it. then voila. hold it in your fingers very still and the way to find out what will mean yes, no & maybe is this...
hold it out in front of you as still as you can. then say "give me a yes" your pendulum should start to swing in some direction consistantly. next say "give me a no" your pendulum should change direction noticeably from your "yes" direction. finally say "give me a maybe" again it should also be different from yes and no.

for me, my yes is spinning around in a circle, my no is back & fourth and my maybe is side to side. everyone's is different thats why you ask it to give YOU a yes.. understand? yours might be the same as mine tho. so if you do try the pendulum or dowing rods please tell me your results!


kelsey lucia said...

i am DEFINATELY going to try both of these!!! it was a very interesting post =] but i'll have to let you know what i find when i do it, i'm too tired right now haha. <3

jesssse said...

Another handy thing about dowsing rods is that when you're not using them to find Hartman Lines, you can use them to hang your clothes.

Ginger said...

Interesting. I am too tired right now, too. When I get around to it I'll let you know. I want to see video of you doing this. ;)

Anonymous said...

well hi. my name is ashley and i have been following your blog for awhile. i found you from jake garn's myspace and got interested in what you have to say. this post made me want to add you to my preferred list. i have been using a pendulum for years and am very interested in the hartman lines! i'm glad you posted this and i think your pendulum turned out really cute :) hopefully you can read my blog too and find a little out about me. namaste.

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