Tuesday, June 9, 2009


got some origami paper today - can't wait to have some free time for doing that. i also got some "new" clothing from goodwill. i find all my clothes at thrift stores, its the only stuff i like. i also got some real new clothes , fresh kind - for work. and some new sandals. most everything i got was black. i'm just a fan of black. i got some color tho. tomorrow i shoot my first wedding with lisa in tahoe.. i am very excited AND nervous for it. i hope i do okay and don't mess up.

blog world has been so slow and dull lately. it bugs me. i don't want to do summer school. i think i'm gonna bail on it. yeah for sure. i got time. i'm only 20. i won't slack off during fall & spring but this summer is go time for work and relax. i can mix business with pleasure. because business is pleasure.

i have some photos to show you bloggers frommy trip to virginia. just some i snapped, very random.


Molly said...

i *love* origami. i always make cranes when i'm on the phone at work..

meg said...

Hope you had fun at the wedding! I love origami also....I have one of those "Usborne" books about it, haha