Thursday, June 4, 2009

day dreams ~ fantasies

this is my blog. and i'll do what i want to.

i have a list of books i "need". i picture myself having many great books and people coming over to my place, sitting down on a couch that is comfy enough to sleep on, grabbing a book from the shelf or table near by and making a note to self to buy the book for themselves later. for me, when i own my own house the decorations will be bookshelfs.. bookshelfs are essential to me. i love my small bookshelf that i have - my greatgrandmothers - that is crammed full of books and knick-knacks. bookshelves not only hold books but they can hold all my gadgets and randoms, which also, is essential. being as i have a LOT of randoms..

another thing that i need to have ... non matching dishes. i don't want dishes that match. at first i did and i liked it. but then, i decided the things in my life need to more reflect myself. and yeah, dishes matter. as long as they have the same basic-ness i guess.. i can't have totally opposite ends of the spectrum in my cabinets. i think i'd like pottery dishes. i'd also really love to take a pottery class that would be so beyond awesome. i already have a small collection of otagiri mugs that i've been picking up from the thrift store. i love otagiri designs.

i want to travel. of course. if you are reading this blog post and didn't already know that i have a bad case of wanderlust i think you've been living in a bomb shelter for the entire life of my blog. anyways, whenever i go on even a little trip my heart, mind and soul ache for more movement. i want to go all over the place. i want to photograph things, paint things, see things, feel things. i just want to be all over this earth and take it all in for real. looking at photos and reading about places will never suffice. some places i must go to in my life time would be the following:
peru - scotland - seychelles - tibet - egypt - israel

next point of interest. i'd like a python. a very well contained one, because i can't have my precious anouk being eaten. i would be so mad and sad. snakes don't gross me out. they are so soft and amazing.. i don't understand how people can be afraid of the nice ones. i am afraid of the mean ones of course, but a pet python.. not so mean. of the baby little pet ones like brent had, so not scary at all. i would just love to hold it and let it slide around and hang out. sometimes. now that i am saying this i am thinking of situations where i wouldnt be too happy to run into my pet slithering around freely. hm.

oh i want a king size bed. soft soft cotton white sheets. with handmade tyedye pillow cases with goose down inside. and a goosedown comfortor. with colorful velvet pillows all around and the bed will almost never be really made.. just thrown together to look decent. the king size will be a pillow top, the most comfortable bed you'd ever be in. with an old dark wood antique frame & headboard. detailed and big posts in the corners to hang things from. i'd have plenty of dream catchers above my bed... and many many sweet and warm smelling candles.

art room. every room would be fitting for art projects. no room is off limits. a million different projects strewn about but well contained and organized to pick up on when i feel in the mood. paints of every color. glue and tape. nails/hammer . tacs for sure. i'm a fan of gold framed art, don't ask me why its just a thing i'm fond of. right now i have 5 gold framed art pieces on my art wall. 1 with out a frame and 1 more with a gold matt but blue frame. i feel like any piece of art can be inside a gold frame - it will match. i could be wrong. but thats just my opinion.

a pool and a hottub. with a perfect view of the sky. some shade maybe off in a corner. but who needs it when youre swimming. the hottub would be used mainly at night to relax and look at the stars during meteor showers and whatnot. speaking of, when is the next scheduled meteor shower? i'll never forget watching one with lora & molly 3 or 4 years ago on my back porch.. molly ran to her car to get something and missed the biggest shooting star EVER. lora and i screamed and couldn't get over it and molly was so sad she missed it. always in my memory, things like that.

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