Thursday, July 23, 2009


went to sly park again yesterday. went out on miss eileens boat.. watched everyone wakeboard and it was cool. i won't wakeboard tho.. no way man. im not athletic at all and i'm afraid of water for the most part. i can't even go underwater with out plugging my nose. here are two photos i took with my phone.. my sister has other photos on her camera.

this weekend i am going to berkley with lisa for a wedding on sunday, we are leaving saturday at noon so we can scope out the area and the lighting beforehand. i've never been to berkley. but my parents are leaving for silver lake on sunday and staying until friday i think. so i wont see them at all before i leave for utah. sad. dang. but i am excited for utah it's gonna be jam packed with excitement.
my brother just bought himself a brand new all black 4 door toyota tacoma. its way nice. i havent really looked at it yet but it looks sweet. rockin ,man. i gotta go clear out my car from camping , its a mess. i'll post more photos later ..


chanelle said...

i've never been out on a boat out on a lake. when i come visit some day, let's do it! and when you come visit me, i'll take you snorkeling!

chanelle said...

and yes! it stays warm in december. i mean, our winter means rain and the occasional stormy weather, but it's not bad at all! if you like warm weather (even though it's really humid heat here) you'd like it a lot!

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