Sunday, July 5, 2009

amazing tahoe 4th of july weekend part 1

we went to zepher beach for the 4th. it was PACKED. this photo isn't very good , but the shore line was loaded with people and boats blasting music. tents and drinks were everywhere. and .. here's the best part.. i wanted to go on a jet ski SO BAD that i asked two boys i've never met to take me & brooke out on the lake on their jet skis... so we did ! it was the funnest thing ive done so far this summer. it was also my first time being out on lake tahoe.. weird i know.

this photo is from the top deck at the cabin brookes friends rented in the tahoe keys... it was so fun and beautiful there. this is were we spent our 4th of july night. it was a load of fun. me & brooke had a blast. she has some awesome photos of us being ridiculous on her camera so i'll get those later.

this is a photo of a person para sailing on the lake.. i was watching with desire. i want to do that next time i go up to tahoe. i always achieve my goals, anyone who knows me knows this fact! para sailing.. be ready for me ! -

this firework photo was taken in the water. me and brooke walked out into the water pretty far from shore because it was so shallow and warm. it was a perfect place to watch fireworks. all the shores had them going on, we saw west east north and south.. south was the best as always. took this photograph for lilian my friend in utah who didnt get to have a real 4th of july .

more to come later these are just from my phone ... loved my weekend!


Ginger said...

Yeah I'm sure you did love your weekend. We always used to talk about going there but we never did.

Shley1derful said...

i know i feel super about it! :) i promise i will write you a blog all about 11 very soon... i just haven't gotten around to it yet. soon.


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