Friday, July 10, 2009

some new additions

to my room. my room is like a gathering spot for all things colorful and random. my room makes no sense yet it makes all the sense in the world. it is so peaceful and welcoming. it makes visitors drowsy. it also makes people curious, just about everyone glances around and wants to touch it all. i love my "stuff" so here are just a few additions -

#1 - metal rust colored branch hooks. i don't really know what they are for. but i found them at a thrift store and decided to hang my jewelry from them.
#2 mirror frames. i loved these alot. so i framed two photographs sam & i took on a nature hike. he took the photos, but i found the objects to take photos of. they look so pretty
#3 gold frame. and i framed a photograph sam & i took of salt lake city. it looks lovely in the frame.
#4 magazine holder with 2 new books. the magazine holder is from my moms estate she is liquidating. and the 2 books are: women before 10am & men before 10am too. really cool books - a check off my book list.

felt like showing off. i also have been making earrings. i think i might try to sell them. they are feather earrings and some have sharks teeth. check it out: (& all of the feathers i found in the yard, not store bought. same with sharks teeth - found them in florida with my grandma when i was a wee bonnie lass.)


michelle said...

nooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaay! man and women before 10am!!! i have been wanting those soooo bad. but I cant get myself to buy a book just full of pictures when I dont even have a coffee table to display them on. lol nice, very nice.

Anonymous said...

i would certainly buy a pair!

chanelle said...

i love the "stuff" i've collected over the years too. i love finding deals on beautiful things. i can't wait to get my own place and to decorate~! ps: love the earrings. i'm going to write more on blogger. i feel it's been long enough. and your letter will be shortly on it's way.

Pres8Jes said...

i see the pendant i gave you hanging nicely. did you get my message last night? haha. i was sittin on my porch alone.i would like some of those earrings, alot.

cult classic said...


Blogger said...

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