Monday, September 27, 2010

i have something to say

i think old kid tv shows are better than new ones.
new kid tv shows are ridiculous. they are too technical & in depth with things that kids don't even know about or care about. there are too many unnecessary things that don't even grab their attention. for example

i'm sitting here watching scooby-doo with payton. first i put on a new one that was made this year (2010). it was RETARDED. she didn't even care to watch it. because it was just like. what? daphne was upset because fred didn't notice her and all this relationship crap. kids don't care. I wasn't even interested in watching it. i can't even tell you what else was going on because thats how much i didn't even pay attention.
so then i put on a scooby-doo from 1969 ... so perfect. its to the point, no retarded crap between the characters like relationships or whatever. just good old fashioned mystery & spooky scenes. shaggy & scooby eating un-realistic food quantities .. its wonderful. there is even fake laughter from an audience in the background when any of the characters say a one-liner! so good!
she is watching it and into it. why can't these people just re-run the old shoes? its not like these kids have seen it before.. hello... plus kids LOVE repetition. they enjoy seeing a show they've seen before. so why do we keep making new ones when the old ones can never be topped?

drives me nuts.


Cantaloupeisland said...

haha, i'm the same that way. Although some have benefited from an upgrade, but most of the time, their better off left alone. :-p

sweetevis said...

AMEN! that is so true. new cartoons are even scary and so gross.

Ginger said...

New kids shows always need a leasson inestead of just being pure entertainment. That's why my kids watch Spongebob. no lessons to be learned there.