Friday, September 10, 2010


l'automne est dans l'air.

its true. autumn is in the air. its "brisk" at night (as mitch puts it) & crisp in the mornings. and actually the whole today today is really cool and breezy. its nice. it just feels so fresh. i want to make sour cream apple bars but i'm going to wait for a special sort of occasion to make them instead of just randomly.

i wanted to go on a sweet little romantic hot air balloon ride just me & mitch but its freaking costs an arm & a leg for just one person to ride for an hour... totally sucks. oh well. maybe one day.

whenever fall comes around i like having little fall accents around the house because it makes me feel cozy & reminds me that its time for :

- warm food
- sweaters
- cuddles under blankets
- trips up to the canyons to see the fall colors
- beanies
- boots
- seeing your breath when you walk outside
- the heater & the fireplace
- yummy treats likes apple pie
- puzzles
- socks
- family
- soooup! chilli. minestrone stew.
- snuggles.

all the good stuff.
oh pumpkin carving. duh.
oh i was telling mitch how i'd love to grow pumpkins.. maybe one day.


daisychain said...

have a fantastic weekend x

Ginger said...

It is such a great time of the year. I hope to really enjoy it this year. Last year it sort of passed me by. How about some Halloweeny things with the kids?