Tuesday, September 21, 2010

day dream ...

i want a stone path leading up to my front door. with glitter, sea shells & special rocks scattered around. i want old rusty objects placed in my garden for the plants to grow up & around them. i want wind chimes made of wood hanging from low branches. i want a bird bath. i want stumps for benches. i want my front door to be painted red. i want bird feeders hanging above the railings outside of a big window so we can watch the birds together & try to name them.
i want a big cozy couch with colorful pillows & blankets along the back. i want curtains that i created hanging in our big clear windows. i want pictures of our family in various types of frames all over the wall of our stair case. i want objects that represent us placed on small shelves amongst the pictures of our family, so that it tells a story. i want a room filled with book shelves for all our books to live. all mixed together on different shelves, with no order to them - but we'll know exactly where each book lives.

i want ivy growing up the sides of the house. & a big sunflower garden, right next to the pumpkins & vegetables. i want an herb garden outside the kitchen door. so we can pick what we need for the dinners we eat at our kitchen table. i want a big window in front of our bed. so when we wake up we can see a new piece of art everyday. i want a toy room. for the kids to imagine their days away. with wonders and surprises everywhere they look. i want an art studio, for us to get creative and have fun trying new things. i want chickens to give us fresh eggs, but far back in the yard so they don't wake us up - but can still keep us company when we let them out to roam. i want a small pond. for the frogs to put on their nightly symphony. i want a lot of trees, but not too much. because one of our favorites things to do is watch the stars put on their show.
a hammock or two. a swinging love seat. a tire swing & a wooden swing. a tree house. a picnic bench to eat outside on when the weather is ideal. a shed full of our tools & our bikes. a river near by for him to go fishing. the ocean not to far away for us to take beach trips. the mountains real close for hikes & camping. a lake for kayaking and floating. a back deck that has the most spectacular view. just might be the most favorite place to be in the whole house.

a big round bath with steps leading up to it, with jets of course. plants on the edges. stained glass window customized. swirly handmade brass decorations hanging from the ceiling with glass bits and marbles & feathers to catch the light and wind to relax the mind and catch the eye. a family room. with cozy chairs & couches & pillows. somewhere we can all relax together. even tho we can relax together in any room in any place. painted walls. earth colors. different in each room. everything is tied together & makes sense. because we made it and built it together. we love it all and its all us. its just enough. not too much, not to little. just right. we easily maintain it. we enjoy it. its all that is love.

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Megan said...

looks like you got your work cut out for ya! go for it