Wednesday, October 20, 2010

REAL salt lake

went to the game last night. for kiras birthday.
it was way way way fun. i really like going to sporting events.
because of the energy and the cheering and the excitement.
too bad this was their last home game.
i want to get a jersey for sure.
a white one , & then i want to get all the players signatures on it.
next season i'm going to go keep up on the games.

some of our friends took other pictures.
but we only have one so far

its funny. mitch is the only one not laughing. the rest of us are laughing really hard.. not peno, he looks like hes falling asleep or something. & my hat makes me look like Toadstool . fun times! loved it
can't wait to see more. silly.


michelle said...


daisychain said...

oh, that looks like fun!

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