Thursday, October 7, 2010

shut up donnie!

i had
rice for dinner.
rice for meals from now til a while. i need to slim down so i don't look like a walrus for winter.

i need new clothes. that are unique and actually look good on me and that aren't so plain and boring. i also need a vacation. to a tropical place probably.

we got a new stove today. our kitchen looks pretty fly these days. we finally got all our appliances to match - stainless steel with black. nice. and we painted our countertops grey. now all we need is to re-do the floors in the kitchen and BAM - we can sell this place and peace out.

i've started on my herbal courses. its so fun. but i just wish i had a place locally to go to to purchase herbs that i need. or that i had an herb garden. but its too cold to start one now. boo.

this is my song for today ` enjoy. dig it my friend


michelle said...

why would you want to sell that place it looks nice??

Anonymous said...

because it is too far away from work and fun things... suburbs = no bueno.