Saturday, May 7, 2011

its been a while

since i've posted anything. seems like no one seems to notice anyway. i dont get many vistors over here. -
went to a rummage sale yesterday ... got some really neat finds. thinking of expanding my ETSY shop. so i'll be selling my feathers still but also other odds & ends. so when thats all set up i'll let you all know when to check it out. wish i had a camera to take photos of all the things , kinda hard to run an etsy shop with no camera. didn't think that thru very well. hmm.

my finger is a lot better. still gross tho.

sorta been tryin to be a vegetarian. its pretty difficult. but i enjoy it so far. i don't really claim to be full on vegetarian. because thats a lot of work. but i'm TRYING. and its workin so far. but i refuse to give up salmon & cheese.

disneyland is in the works ... for the end of the month. cross your fingers for us .. so much fun.

my cat looks way cute right now. oh yeah, my car finally works again. after 2 months. thanks dad!


michelle said...

Just wanted to say hi!!

ashley said...

cant you eat cheese as a vegetarian? Im trying to consume less meat too. I wish tri-tip wasnt tasty. And bacon. And sausage.

How can I love animals so much, but eat them so often? So weird.

cassandra noëlla said...

ash - yeah i dont think you can eat cheese.... it has dairy in it. but i eat it, nothing in this world will keep me from eating it!!

yeah its pretty easy not eating meat. i dont know why people do it so wrong.. they dont get enough nutrients etc etc. but its pretty easy for me cause i like my food really bland... so the rice & beans thing is easy. hahah

lindsay said...

cheese is dairy but that's vegan, not vegetarian. vegetarians can have cheese!

sweetevis said...

lucky you!!! enjoy :)