Saturday, May 28, 2011


alright so , some news .
trying to sell my subaru outback legacy right now . if you know anyone or if you are anyone who is interested... let me know. this girl needs a brand new car because i'm only young once. so help a lass out and purchase my car from me. email me for info ::

i made two 'pouch'-like things today. they are cute. practical. useful and ... made with love. i'm thinking of making them more often and selling them on my ETSY -- yes i know my shop is looking totally stark right now, but trust me i'm working on new merchandise for your pleasure. so thank you for being patient. because as soon as i have more things added to my shop i will be having a free giveaway ! a pair of earrings and something quirky to go with it. can;t wait for all that excitement.

'pouch' # 1 . very very cute. very very proud of myself.

its almost june and the weather feels like february. oKAY? i'm pretty sure i already put away all my winter clothes so now i'm having difficulty getting dressed each morning. (more so than normal) . but as usual, my gaze shifts toward the brighter side of this situation ----- it will stay greener longer this year instead of turning brown/ & yellow as soon as june hits. how pretty !

i'm really into strapless dresses. & hats

i ramble

i wish i had a moment to read. but there is so much more than needs to be done. common cassie.... stay on top of it... don't get off track now. i need some positive energy & vibes from my friends these days. i wonder if anyone has some to spare.

my mom made these:
and i am in love with them

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Anonymous said...

garden mushrooms made with stones and wood lovingly gathered at San Simeon Beach...a little marine glue and metal stakes...voila! glad you love them! I had no idea...sometimes I think no one appreciates the silly things I make! thanks for sayin' love, mom