Tuesday, May 3, 2011


smashed my finger in the door at work yesterday. totally shut the door on it. as in... the door closed. and then i pulled my finger out. during a rush..... OPS. we had no bandaids, so i wrapped it in a napkin . pretty much got everyones order wrong i bet. because i was so distracted by the intense excruciating pain that was coming from my finger. i don't think ive ever experience this much and this horrible of pain before . i was having a panic attack and could barely breathe. but i had to keep working for about 2 hours .... one handed by myself in a coffee shop during rush! so i kind of feel like a bad ass. but damn.... holy hell. my nail is all messed up & my finger still hurts like fire.
but i get work off this week cause of it... cant complain about that.

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