Friday, August 26, 2011


pumpkin muffins, cookies, pie... i want !!
excited for fall. my jackets & boots.. i've missed them... my scarves too. im looking forward to cuddling with my cat under soft warm blankets & eating lots & lots of SOUP.

what happens in vegas stays in vegas. ridiculous city . doubt i'll ever go back.

pine martens are creepy & annoying to wake up to at 3:30am . i don't like certain nature.

i bought grapes from the farmers market. delicious. i prefer vegetables over fruit tho... depending. artichokes... yum.

i wish i could own a nice car . volvo c30 ... or 2008 subaru outback. dreams. i'll probably just end up owning a bike & hitching rides my whole life like a bum. oh well.

i want to move to hawaii . or visit. september maybe. or for my birthday. school in Hilo sounds so ideal tho.

people need to buy things on my etsy NOW!! HERE :::

arrested development is such a funny show.
i haven't had ice cream in a long time.
i wish i had friends who lived here./weren't out of town on cool adventures... sigh

i lead a very strange lifestyle.

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Molly said...

we so have the very same car style. I hope you get your c30 and I hope I get mine! We can go on "rides" haha