Saturday, August 13, 2011

i wish i could tell my cat to turn on the fan

what do i want to do/ ?

i want to tie something cool to a balloon & let it go . let it flyyyy up high into the world sky . and maybe hopefully make someones day , when they find my special thing . maybe attach a $1 dollar bill to it? or a random trinket. something neat. can't decide.

i want to C U T M Y H A I R . up to my chin and get bangs.
because im tired of long hair . & everyone has long hair. its generic. boring. trendy. usual. kind of feel weird being just. like. everyone. else.
maybe soon . november i'll cut it. hold me to it....

some new clothes & shoes. whats a girl gotta do to own a pair of NEW items? why is everything so damn expensive ? whats the world coming to? i think i need to take sewing classes & simply make my own clothes because this shit's gettin RIDICULOUS. but i did just purchase probably the most appropriate tank top of my life. :::

oh hey . im doing that tomorrow. holy crap?

i want to have all my girlfriends get together and have a gathering. a themed gathering. i missed the gypsy gathering and the witchy gathering. i think .... OLD WEST themed. i dig it. i can bring props too. who is down? who would attend ? too bad we cant do it tonight. the full moon.
who saw that meteor shower last night? i sure didn't . i was sleepin.

my car to WOR K. as much as i love the van ... i do not love its gas tank. & i would love to have my subaru back, the junky, reliable, cheap, spacious, ..... my own . i miss being able to do certain things in it. to go certain places. blah. don't hate what you got , cause when its gone you'll wish it back daily.

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