Friday, September 16, 2011


does that even begin to describe.... what is my life... ???

not even close.
try going from having a car, a family, a roof, a BED, a cat, a ... everything really.
to having nothing
virtually nothing

every "less" you can think of.
well .. thats me. monday was the day my life caught up with me.

i have a lot of advice for my readers out there. if i have any. i really cant tell at this point. i haven't gotten comments or input or anything for the longest time. and yet i still keep writing. in vain obviously. and trust me, that is the least of my worries these days. maybe my horrible lifestyle has been exuding from my pores & my aura this entire time keeping people away? who knows.

advice #1 - don't ever under estimate true friends.
you think you have all these pals & friends and whatnot. but when things get real dirty & rough & intense... its all about who is still standing there waiting for you. who are the people who are gonna drop whats going on with them to help YOU? you really learn who the true, life long, honest, incredible hearted, & loving friends are. you separate whats real from whats just... an illusion. my friends have been incredible , supportive, there for me & helping beyond explanation. i don't know how i will ever return the favor. buying you guys dinner & food just doesn't seem to suffice. (altho i know you guys all enjoy that haha!)

#2 - seriously. learn when to shut up. s h u t u p . your stupid, over reacting, cynical, rude, bitchy, snide, smart ass, annoying words really DONT need to be said all the time. can't you learn to shut up? really? by this point can't you recognize when you are digging a really deep & ridiculous hole for yourself for NO REASON!!!/?? just be quiet ! you will make a huge fool out of yourself.
"If you can't say something nice .... don't say nothing at all" - Thumper

#3 - don't let another persons poison seep into your life, mind, body & soul. don't, in turn, become a poison yourself. listen to others around you who have concern. warnings are there for a reason. RUN . if you get the smallest inkling of poison ... get out. it will consume you . you won't even realize it.

#4 - learn to admit when you are wrong. seriously . unless you want to be miserable and stubborn forever. have fun with that.
I WAS WRONG! i admit it. so so so so incredibly horribly stupidly wrong. about everything.

i could give advice for hours right now. but i'm tired. i work in the morning. my back hurts because . i am in this amazingly comfortable bed.
but take my advice. and just DO IT. do everything i say.
if the world would do as i say ... it would be perfect. just don't do what i do. because clearly its not a good idea. learn from your mistakes... oooh hell. if you don't you are so dense.



ashley said...

why are you homeless? no folks or family to stay with? friends to room with? i dont like to hear this, cassie dear.

cult classic said...

i don't understand how your parents just kicked you out? im sorry your life is so crazy right now i wish i could help you. you should try and move away. i wish i had more to say but i dont know anything thats going on. you know i love you. life will get better but when it rains it pours!