Friday, September 2, 2011

yellowstone / jackson hole

how silly we are. walking on this wooden boardwalk gazing into this mesmerizing hot springs & geysers . so fascinating & mysterious to us. walking with out protection against these erie forces of the earth. on this wooden board walk ... thinking it makes us safe. when at any given moment a new geyser could erupt right under you. boiling you to infinity.
yet we mosey along thinking we are safe because of this wooden path, that weaves us in and around and about these spectacular natural beauties.

such a mysterious place . erie & thought provoking. all of this glory & wonder. these unique THINGS. pools of mineral water boiling from the earth. flowing constantly. always alive with activity from deep underground. we walk around in awe gazing into these wondrous creations , when right beneath our feet a super volcano is brewing, active but not active enough to explode with force over this earth. its amazing to wrap your mind around. the differences in color, shape, force & flow of each pool & geyser is fascinating. not one the same.

the smell is a putrid, repugnant smell. yet it lures you in and makes you take a deep breath. you can't decide whether its awful or refreshing. the mixture of heat, water & minerals from deep with in the earth ... when the wind blows over the pools and pushes the steam and smell onto your body you get the chills. your body doesn't know what to feel. cold? hot? goosebumps and heat waves all at once. the changes in temperature are so quick that you don't have time to adjust. you just stand there ... letting the breeze flow over you . eyes closed , arms out , hair flowing, mind removed. nothing else matters ... just that feeling , that smell, that sight.

the colors and movements of each pool is enchanting. i want to mimic each one into my own personal spa. i want to reach out and dip my finger into them. the soft touch of pure mineral water. the layers chroma fanning out over the area making unique rainbows. the constant changes and flow leave it different every second. you will never fixate on the same thing ever again.

the pictures taken never seem to portray the right vision your own eyes witness. the beauty and intensity of each sight is beyond explanation. they are the only way to remember what you saw. because your memories almost don't suffice. it was so much to take in that your mind blurs each sight together ..... the mist, the movement, the smell, the energy. makes you feel peaceful and removed. its incredible to be able to see something that has the potential to completely annihilate the world.

grand prismatic

chromatic spring

midway geyser basin

old faithful

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