Tuesday, September 27, 2011

as of lately ::

the beat of the week ~~

so here i am.
busy as a bee.

work 7 days a week.
at the office on days . coffee on weekends.
herb school, friends, family, cleaning, etsy & cuddlin my cat in the time i have left over.
money saving. car fixing. school planning. music finding. pumpkin craving. thrift shopping. healthy eating. positive step taking.

i'm also getting glasses ! because i actually need them. i always knew i did. they are ... so perfect for me. can't wait to show them off. the perks of working at an optometrist office. i do exams on people & all that fun stuff. it really is fun, i'm not being sarcastic. i love my job.

last weekend my great pal brooke & i decided to be tourists in our own town: Camino aka Apple Hill. it was probably the best idea we've ever had. because it was the best day ever. we went to Kids Inc for their delicious pies for breakfast. then we dinked around at various other farms & got ourselves some souvenirs . we then decided to go to Boeger Winery for some wine tasting & a bottle of Boeger Hangtown Gold on the grass for brunch. delicious & peaceful!
Then we went to some other farms & decided to hit up good ol' Jack Russell Brewery because they had tents & live music... nice nice. we decided to each get a hotdog .. (brooke got veggie) & it was so delicious. we watched a man blow glass with special glasses .
then our last stop was Argyres Orchards for face painting! we decided it was a must. Brooke got lady bugs & bumble bees with vines & i got a unicorn & star bursts. so awesome.
all in all... it was a spectacular day.



michelle said...

this sounds like such a fun day.

kelsealeigh said...

I love these pics and it make me want to come back up there and have a nice day at apple hill :)

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