Sunday, December 25, 2011


seems more than appropriate
considering i got new luggage.... plaid luggage...
which is just so perfectly & appropriately London style.
so it means i should go off !

got new insoles for my shoes... check
amazing books to read on my way ... check
cute clothes & warmth... check.

its probably all in my head.
but i feel like i could totally fit in there.
i have burberry sunglasses... i love tea & crumpets.
i mean , what more do you need england?
plus i dont have to learn a new language.
seems like a pretty awesome place to be

albeit , i wont just be there. i'll be all over.
it'll just be like 'home base'
this is what i want to do.
and i am going to work toward it
this new year ... is FRESH
unattached .

all that stuff .

happy christmas everyone
ive got a fat cat on my lap
& some home made potato leek soup brewin

(even tho its been winter for only 5 days... im already over it)

lit up ice.... experiment.

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