Friday, December 9, 2011

oh man

just decorated our big tree with what seems to be about a billion vintage ornaments. and even tho it looks super pretty, just the thought of putting all of this christmas decor away ........ OH MAN. i am hoping to donate half of the decor (not the ornaments) after this year. for real. i love christmas but gollllllllllllly its a lot of work.\

i am pooped.
this week was busy at work. and at home.
my mind is going a million miles an hour all the time. i dont have time to think about stupid things really. sometimes i wish i did. wish i could breath and stop for lunch.......""
its 10:41 already / ? it seems earlier. but im so tired. i guess i should go to sleep.

i dont like it when im missing people.
and when i cant see them. such a strange sort of unachievable longing.
i try to push it aside.

i totally scored at the thrift stores today.
i dont even know why i try shopping at actual shops. because the thrift stores pretty much suit me way better. and i look awesome. i'll have to start taking more photos of my self and my clothes. but wow that sounds like a lot of time and effort that i just dont seem to have .

sooooooooo a couple weeks ago i accidentally tore the life out of my Gstar jeans.... it was a terrible tragedy & i cried. i thought i couldnt get them fixed and so i was very discouraged. but , low & behold.... they have been repaired by the best seamstress in town. HOORAY! cassie wins one!

i should be keeping score of how many times i win.
today i won twice, that i can remember.

i got a cotton branch with real tufts of cotton on it.
its beautiful.
next time i get a boyfriend i hope he knows that i would much rather prefer dried branches of cotton or something odd & unique rather than run of the mill flowers from a grocery store. and i also hope he doesnt read this , because that would be cheating. i might have to delete this entire post if i ever start having time for guys again. which i dont see happening anytime soon. my mind cant be wasted upon some selfish, cruel, fake man again. i have to be more careful. which means i need to be more educated. so that will take some time because im not about to let it happen again. caution........ right?

i dont blog anymore.
i just dont know what to say
i feel like i am being boring and saying stuff no one wants to read about.

my snowboard is for sale,
ive never used it in my life
and i would love if someone bought it.
email me if you want info.

im tired.


cult classic said...

i feel you on the longing thing! and you should start taking more pictures of your your finds at thirft stores and such. miss you lady but ill be seeing you soon enough!

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