Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas this year

been waiting for today - the 25th. 
only because i want it to be OVER. 

its fun, but i've never been super enthusiastic about holidays. i've tried and it's never what i try to make it. *ba humbug* right? yeah. 
but i got a hatchet & a knife. and glass shelf cases to keep my mysterious & unusual trinkets incased in. just my style. 
i'm glad the new year is coming. it's silly that i tell myself to start doing something when its the new year rather than now. i guess its just nice to bring fresh to the table when its a fresh set of numbers on the board. all of it : fresh. 

i'm quite surprised i've gotten any gifts at all really. i've been nothing but naughty all year. perhaps i've done some good here and there unknowingly. i can't be sure. i'll have to look back and add the deeds up and minus the scandal and see where that leaves me. not that it matters, since i've already gotten gifts. 

heres to a new year, a new lease on life ... a new start. 
** cheers . 

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