Sunday, December 22, 2013


i accidentally ate too much and now i can't fit into my g-star jeans.
i hate when that happens...
no matter, i still get paid. 

i love being a blonde. i don't think I've really made it clear to the people of the world. me being a blonde is so much different from any hair i've ever had. i feel dazzling. i have glittery locks. the length of my hair is magnificent. at least i'm happy with that.... 

i'm moving to LA this year. don't care if I'm broke. i'll captivate the hearts of many and make it work. thats how it works doesn't it? it does now. 

I got an e-gift card to Sephora from an anonymous person named "R" and i can't believe how nice that was. i hope who ever it is sees this and sees me say thank you. random acts of kindness are beautiful. its so simple and sweet. it shocks me to get nice things from people. i often find myself wondering "why on earth would anyone send me anything!?" but apparently, there must be a reason. i like to make others feel happy whenever i can. the easiest way for me to do that is by my words and thoughts tho. so hopefully someone appreciates them, its all I've got. 
anyway, thank you, R. 

so , 
i miss my best friend.
hes in new york. i'm in california. the two opposite and competing states. *cali always wins. 
he's the funniest. i'm a lucky girl to be able to rely on him to make me feel better. just a little bit of love vibe being sent over there via my blog. thats not the best photo of either of us at all but its the only one i could find. he might hate me for that, but it kind of describes the dynamic we have. so i'm keeping it up. i'm always giving him a hard time. he can take it. he likes it. 

i love to FaceTime, i FaceTime with a lot of my pals. its just better than texting and phone calls to me. makes it more personal and clear. i can't always be with all my friends, they are all over the country. FaceTime helps. those damn commercials are right...! who knew. 

i also can't wait to go back to maui.

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