Wednesday, June 24, 2015

feels like

it feels like i've been here for months already.
i've only been here 4 days.
i've seen so many of my favorite people already. and met some really great people. pretty happy about this so far.
got my resume printed out, and tomorrow i embark on an endeavor to find myself a little job!

BUT! cool news. I decided i'm going to Born Free for a few days with my friends. last minute spur of the moment choice. i figure i might as well have fun and do some things a little bit out of my comfort zone before i start getting back into my little habits and routines.
i'm really excited. i'm going to ride on the back of someones bike. i am looking forward to it.

my grin won't go away.
that's pretty great.

can't wait for a bike ride around the park this evening, tacos and beer and great conversation with a fantastic view...

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