Monday, June 15, 2015

here we go

where to even begin. 

i guess i just decided to change it up. i've always wanted to try living in utah again. on my own terms, by myself. no plan really, just the desire to enjoy myself. 

so i'll start blogging again. 
a lot of people have said that they want to stay updated on my journey. which is flattering. so i the least i can do is write about some things. 

first things first. i'm going to miss my cat for the first couple of months before i'm able to come back and get her. it's like she knows, she's been avoiding me. but also watches me from a distance. gah she's so cute its ridiculous.

also, my last day of work was today. i shouldn't be shocked that my former-boss completely disregarded me, didn't thank me, didn't say bye, nothing at all what so ever. but it still made me furious for a good two hours. i'm over it now, but dang. what a crappy person. i've been loyal and committed to my job for four years. i've gone above and beyond expectations in order to show my work ethic. nothing i did was done for applause or praise. it's just how i am. but everyone wants to be thanked for their time. but whatever, onward to a person who treats me with respect, right!?

here's my cute cat Anouk eating out of a Pawnosh bowl. i recommend these bowls. they are awesome. they aren't tacky pet bowls like all the ones you find in the store. all glass and life time warranty. Anouk loves it!!! Look how huge she is. haha.

anyway, here we go. blogging again. i'll try to be a bit more exciting than this one... i'm just so tired after today and this weekend. dang what a good last weekend in California. awesome party with amazing people and rafting down the American river with amazing people. couldn't have thought up a better weekend. 

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Chris Ures said...

I'm so excited and nervous for you all at the same time. So glad you're out of that environment that was a constant mental drain. Now it's on to bigger and better things.
Do what makes you happy Cassie. Follow your heart and live your life. There's one thing through life that I feel we all have a tendency to lose sight of.........the price of happiness. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our every day routines, envious of others wealth and success, not even realizing that we hold the key to our own happiness. There's seriously no way to put a price on happiness. All we can do is live life to the fullest. Never take for granted the time we have here and the people we meet. No sense in worrying about things we can't control or people we can't change. Just fricken live life. If you want to do something..........set your sights and go for it! Don't ever let anything scare you or back you down.
You got this woman! Nothing but good times ahead!